July 19th

We are continuing our theme of Fun in the Sun July. So join in and cool off!


Do not leave young children alone with water. No matter how shallow or how short a time!

What’s better on a hot day then splashing around in the water?? Just like all of us who enjoy splashing around in a pool, most young children can’t get enough of playing in the water. The wonderful concepts that can be targeted are nearly endless. What better way to target wet/dry than actually getting wet?!? Check out ideas below on how to spice up your water play…

Social Language: When pushing boats back and forth or sharing toys work on (eye contact) watch your partner, (body language) are they ready for the toy? Are you showing them that you are ready? (wait time/ turn taking) being patient and taking turns . Also when playing games that get each other wet (balloons, squirters) watch your friends to make sure they are okay with being hit (body language or words), take turns, and don’t hit them in the face (social rules).

Articulation Sounds:

  • /w/ and /t/ - Water!
  • /m/ - more
  • /sh/ - splash
  • /k/ - cup
  • /b/ and /t/ - boat
  • /p/ - push, pour

**You can also gather items with any target sound and throw them in the water table. Have the child "catch" them with a net and tell you what they found!**

Language Concepts:

  • Sizes: big, small, bigger, biggest, huge (if you have multiple sized cups)
  • Colors: (if you have cups or toys of multiple colors, or if you color the water)
  • Concepts: wet, dry, full, empty, cold, hot, heavy, light, sink, float
  • Counting: (pushes, pours)
  • Prepositions: In, on, out, off, under, over (playing with boats, cups)
  • Verbs: pour, spill, fill, splash, empty, sink, float
  • Requesting: (a turn with toys, push the boat)
  • Building phrases with words/sign: (water, pour + water, splash + water)
  • Categories: things that float, animals that live in water, things that can get wet, ways to play with water
  • "Wh" questions: Where is the ____?, Who’s turn with____?, What do you use to ____?

Fluency: When continuing the concepts of slow easy speech you can talk about pushing the boat over the water. If you push too fast or hard the boat can sink but if you push slow and easy it moves nicely across the water.

10 Ways to Spice up the Water Play

  1. Add food coloring to different amount of water to mix and play with.
  2. Add corn starch and make an ooblick mess
  3. Add ice cubes to cool it down
  4. Add foam letters, numbers, shapes or animals
  5. Uses funnels or sieves. You can make them out of empty containers (milk, sour cream, etc.)
  6. Use squirters, spray bottles or sponges
  7. Add soap to make bubbles
  8. Use balloons
  9. Have a does it sink or does it float contest
  10. Use a net to “catch” items or targets