July 7th

Well happy summer!! It is now officially summer season. Students on traditional calendar are out of school and camps, bible schools and other summer events are just gearing up as we enjoy our 4th of July Weekend. Before diving in to our first activity we want to take a moment and say THANK YOU TO OUR TROOPS !!

Since all the kiddos we see are just clamoring to be outside we thought we would gear our first few activities to Fun in the Sun (don’t forget your sunscreen)!


Please do NOT leave young children alone with bubble solution. Neither store bought or homemade bubble should be ingested.

Bubbles are a great childhood activity and can be as simple or as engrossing as you choose. No matter how you play with bubbles they can support speech and language fun galore.

Bubbles are an easy reinforcer for most kids. Bring the articulation or vocabulary cards outside and for every X number of correct response they get one dunk in bubble solution.

But there are also many language skills that can be targeted within the activity without the addition of cards or drill….

Chasing Bubbles!

Regular Bubbles -- Great for babies through school age with support as needed

Attention/ Eye Contact (watch and wait for child to look at you to blow, build the expectation)

Articulation Sounds: m (more), b (bubbles), p (pop)

  • may help with placement for "k/g" in the blowing positions
  • lip rounding for "w" and "oo"
  • abdominal and breath support

Language Concepts:

  • Wet/Dry
  • Sizes (if you have multiple wands or bottles)
  • In/Out (wand in bottle)
  • Up/Down (blow in different directions)
  • On/Off (cap to bottle)
  • Requesting (a turn, help, more)
  • Building phrases with words/sign (more, more +bubbles, more+bubbles+please)
    • Words to target may include: more, bubbles, pop, please, want, all done, wet
  • Verbs: blow, pop, spill, drip, dry, wipe

Giant Bubbles -- A little more challenging but great for older toddlers to school age

To make at home with parental supervision (click HERE for a link to a great recipe)

Language Concepts:

  • Sequencing & Following Directions (in order to make the bubble solution)
  • Problem Solving (don’t provide all necessary equipment, have them solve)
  • Size (length, height) - Cutting straws and string to make the wand, shape of bubbles
  • Deep/Shallow- Problem solve the correct container to use
  • Descriptors- Shape of the bubbles, wet (synonyms- moist, damp, sopping, soaked)
  • Creativity- Have them tell stories about their adventures in a giant bubble